I did my podcast with Andrew Santangelo and we did a brief preview over the season for both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. We did not go to much in depth because we were limited on time. It turned out well but there were some things we struggles with.

One thing that went well with the podcast was that we had a lot of knowledge about the teams so we knew what we were talking about. We are passionate about football and our favorite NFL team so we were excited and we cared about what we were talking about. We also had a good layout for what we were going to talk about so we were prepared.

The thing that went bad was when it was time to talk our minds went blank. We struggled to think of what to say at some points during the podcast and that was our biggest issue. We can talk all day about sports but when it was time to record, we struggled a little bit.

Andrew and I plan on doing a podcast every week recapping the NFL games from that weekend. We are really looking forward to it and hoping this will better our skills in the long run.