Andrew and I did our audio slideshow over Eskimo Joe’s. We learned a lot about the company from doing this project. We learned more about their history, food, and other things.

What went well for the audio slideshow was the information that we had. We had a lot of information and we knew what to talk about. We wrote down everything we wanted to talk about and that helped a lot.

Another thing that went well was our placement of the pictures and what we were talking about. We timed it very well and it flowed well as well. We thought it turned out very good, better than we expected it would.

The thing that was difficult for us was that we struggled to find pictures and find out what to take pictures of. When we got to the restaurant we realized the lack of things to take pictures of so we struggled to find good pictures. We did not want to repetitive with our pictures and I think that was our biggest issue.

That was our only struggle but we figured out the picture situation and were able to make everything work. We think we did good on the project.