Andrew and I did our Video Project over the Colvin Center on campus. We thought it turned out great, a lot better than we expected it to at first. We got help from our roommates because they were the actors in the video.

We had a great idea and we felt we could make it look good. We felt a lot went good with it but we also struggled to get our roommates to corporate with the project.

A thing that went well was our execution. We had a great idea and we made the final project reflect that.

We did well with getting the required amount of time. We had a lot of content and felt comfortable when putting it all together in terms of making it the correct length. We had some video left over that we could have used but we felt it would be too much.

A thing that went wrong was getting our roommates to take the project seriously. They didn’t try as hard as Andrew and I wanted them to. They didn’t take the interview as seriously as what we needed them to.

Overall I felt like the project turned really good and it was a success.